Fourth Dimension Electronic Systems Pvt. Ltd is serving the Security Industry in India for the last 12 years.

We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Turnstiles and Tripod gates and is strategically allied with electronics, Software, Fabrication and Mechanical Engineering.

We are providing entrance control solutions to Corporate sector, Industries, Defence sector, R&D Centers, Server rooms, Banking Sectors, PSU’s, Power Projects, Petroleum Industries, Govt. Establishments and various Entertainment sectors, Amusement parks, Ariel Rope ways, Stadiums, Boat Houses, Launch Stations, Sound and light shows, Museums, Monuments, Zoological parks, theme parks, temples, Archeological departments and Tourism Departments of various states.

Our area of expertize also includes, providing Entrance control solutions to the clients with tailor/custom made software, electronics and mechanical design.

We focus on our clients and their requirements, whether it is security systems or System automation and integration. Our wealth of experience in electronics, Computers, software, Mechanical, Plastics,and graphics more over our common sense enable us to offer dynamic solutions that effectively meetyour needs.

FOURTH DIMENSION group is uniquely prepared to define, design, create, integrate and manufacture Entrance/Admission Control systems, turnstile gates and tripod gates as per your organization specific needs and requirements. We have merged marketing, creative and technical approaches into a comprehensive strategy.

We had earned a very good expertise on Access control systems using RFID, Bar-code readers,Proximity, smart card readers and Biometric scanners.

We Design and Manufacture Turnstile’s, TRIPODS, Boom barriers and various electronic gates and devices, to suit your specific needs.

Fourth Dimension Electronic Systems Pvt. Limited is dealing with a very wide range of products relating to security. The Company has an enviable track record of achievements which include introduction of the latest technology; In-house innovations; Time bound executions of assignment and after sales support/service.
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