Salient Features:

1. There are no keys hence no duplication, except authorized person no one can open it.

2. Operates simply at your fingertips.

3. Micro controller programmed secret code facility; A secret code facility up to 7 digits enables the probability ratio of 1: 10 million.

4. In built protection against the usage of wrong code. Security against tampering (unauthorized usage) is strategically provided. For every three wrong entries the system goes dead for five minutes.
5. Flexible in changing the password. Simple and easy method to change the secret code at any moment of time.

6. Double wall of steel makes the locker heavy, strong and unbreakable. Fire retardant material is filled in between the two steel    walls to make it fire resistant.

7. Vertical or horizontal bolting can be provided for ground or wall mounting.

8. Locker can be concealed in the wall or any other structure.

9. Double epoxy powder coating makes the locker rust proof hence lifelong durability.

10. Flexible shelves provide the strategic usage of space.

11. The locker is also provided with auto shut facility, which locks automatically after entering the secret code (just to prevent from    misuse)


A) It consumes only 21-28 MA of power that too while opening the lock.
B) External power supply facility is provided, which helps when batteries drained out.

13. In Built battery Facility:

In built PCB mounted battery supports the microchip memory, which gets charged with four penlight batteries provided as the power supply.

APPLICATIONS: Residences, Real estate agents, Share Brokers, Offices, Petrol bunks, Jewelry Shops, Banks, Chit fund Companies etc.,

Standard Sizes :



Dimensions In INCHES (HxWxD)



H12 x W14 X D13



H18 X W18 X D18



H18 X W24 X D18



H24 X W30 X D24

NOTE:  Also we can supply the locket of your specifications and size.


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  People treat their home as the heaven on earth. After spending the day working at your office, you would return home to relax and spend time with your loved ones. It is essential that your home privacy is protected always and no outsider can affect it by any means. Thanks to the recent trends in home security, you need not worry about your home security any longer, as security systems are here to take of care of it.

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Fourth Dimension electronic security product offering is built around an “integrated electronic security system” solution comprised of hardware, software and a wide range of value-added services, including advice on implementation, architecture definition and integration of complex configurations.

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