Information is the currency of the modern Era

The clearer you get your ideas and more interestingly you communicate; the greater r competitive advantage. As museum, Venue, Tour (BUS) operator, you not only compete with other organization on daily basis – you also compete with electronic communication media such as television, World Wide Web (Internet). To hold your own in this field, you must convey information in modern and exciting way that is easy to understand.

Our Audio Tour Guide offers perfect solution for all these challenges.

The system sets new standards for guiding visitors. Suitable for wide range of applications, it enables the people to experience your exhibition in in entirely individualized way.

  The prestigious operators of museums, exhibitions, trade shows galleries, adventure parks, city tours, Theatres, Zoo parks, Seminars, Corporate presentation, etc., across the world rely on our Audio Tour Guide system.

Our Tour guide system is highly flexible system that can be used for individual tours, Group tours, Conferences,

During individual tours, information can be played back manually by entering the numerical code or can be automatically with automatic audio triggers.

Your visitors can hear the exhibit information or conference presentation in their selected language.

  FLEXIBLE : you can change the recorded data any time; synchronize with lip movement for presentations.

Easy to handle :

Your visitors can easily fasten our Audio guides to their belt, carry them in jacket pocket or wear them around their neck using a lanyard. A variety comfortable, light weight and high quality of head phones for one or both ears can be used with our audio guides.

Benefits for Visitors at glance :

Your Visitors will be amazed. Our Audio Tour guide system Caters to the need and wishes of your individual visitors. Example: Differing programs and level of information for children and adults. This and many more benefits await your visitors.

1. Flexibility : Visitors can peruse their own interests opposed to following predetermined route.

2. Clarity : Visitors do not miss out any information.

3.Languages : Tourists are perfectly attended to in their native language and at the information   level they require.

4.Intelligibility : Reduces acoustic interference, Unintelligible commentaries from   museum/gallery/park guides are a thing of past.

5.For all Generations : Information prepared specifically to meet the needs of differing age groups fascinates every generation even the youngest.

6.Diversity : Specially prepared custom tours, e.g. for schools or other group projects, ensures   that every audience group is addressed.

7.Accessibility : Special audio presentations reach persons who are blind or visually impaired.   Audio guides also assist with hearing impairments.

8.Comfort : Comfortable, light weight head phones ensure mobility as well as optimum sound   quality and speech intelligibility.

9. Quality : Sturdy components for intuitive and easy operation.

10.Concentration: The automatic triggering of audio presentations ensures that technology   takes a back seat and that the exhibits dominate the visitor’s attention.

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