Model: FDS-TPDM1
(MS Body Epoxy Powder Coated)

Model: FDS-TPDS1
(Stainless Steel body-304 Grade)


 • 3 X 120 degree stops.

 • Built-in UNI Directional & bi-directional operational Control

 • Anti-PASS Mechanism (Maintenance free) to prevent tripod rotating in the    opposite direction once it has traveled 20 degree    past the restposition.

 • Self-centering mechanism with fail safe spring activated for quiet & smooth    rest position.

 • Positive action locking with motion sensor to prevent two passages at one    time.

 • Integration: With all type of access control panel/Reader available in the    market.

 • Casework available in Mild steel Powder coated OR Stainless Steel.

 • Walkway - As Specified and required by the Client
   A Complete entrance control solution as per the Clients Requirement :

Fourth Dimension Electronic Systems Pvt. Limited has maintained its leadership in the field of entrance control solutions for over 6 years through its research & development work. We have supplied more than 500 TURNSTILES and TRIPODS throughout India and abroad including Defense, Forest departments, amusement park, corporate offices, Research centers, Boat clubs, Temples, Zoo parks, Wild life sanctuaries, film city etc.

Tripods are designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted area in low to medium level of security generally under some surveillances & Crowd control applications. The rotation is 3 X 120 degree (Tri-arm design) and available in Uni-Directional & bi-directional application with high volume of pedestrian movement.


The housing is made of heavy–gauge Mild Steel sheet metal (Model FDS –TPDM1) & epoxy powdercoated with dark grey, Siemens grey, Black etc.,. Optional colors are also available on request if required.

StainlessSteel housings (Model FDS-TPDS1) are also available in 304 grades with brush finish (Optional). The rotating tripod armsare made up of 32 MM diameter polished stainless steel. Logic controllers and other sensors andelectronics are placed inside the housing next to the tripod head assembly for easy access.

Configuration :
The tripod is available in various configurationsto allow control of entry, or exit or both. Normally passageis to the left of the casework when individual units are used for entry or exit. The tripod can be arranged toopen from a variety of local or remote input signal, such as Push button, security control room, accesscontrol readers, using barcode readers, Smart cards, Proximity readers etc. Access Control reader/sensorcan be mounted on the top of the cabinet or on External Stand. The tripod arms are recessedinto the cabinet ensuring that there is no obstruction to impede passage or sharp ends to catch clothing.

Design Power :  

The tripod barrier design utilizes a positive action lock which prevents two passes at one time. A self-centering mechanism with Load Spring damping ensures complete rotation of the tripod head to the reset position. An-anti back up device prevents reverse rotation once the tripod arm has moved 20 degree from rest. Thatmeans the Mechanism detects the movement of the tripod tripod arm and automatically gets locked after one turn.
Fail safe Mode :
In the event of power failure or switched off, tripod arms can be made free to rotate in either direction (Failsafe mode). Tripod arms can be locked in case of power failure or switched off (Fail Lockedmode). (OPTIONAL)

  Typical applications :  

Revenue control for Parks like establishments, Passenger terminals, Shopping Malls, Factoriesentrances, corporate offices, Sports Complex, Airport, railway stations, Conference halls,Server rooms, High Security Zones, Restaurants and hotels, Clubs etc.,

Technical Specifications :
Power Requirements : 24v DC Supply; current - 30Milliamp’s max per lane.

Indicators : Musical Buzzer for Ticket Authorization. (LCD Display is Optional)

Inputs : Require voltage-free switching contacts (Current sense 1mA Typical)Entry Request (NORMALLY Closed)

Outputs : Voltage free relay contacts rated 0.5A, 24vDC for OPENING of the Lock and Musical Buzzer.

Positive Locking System : Electro Mechanical Locking System (Maintenance Free), and is locking is not time based. The sensors detect the movement of the passage and get activated/Locked.

Opening time : Max speed for 1 rotation: 0.5 to 1 second

Closing System : Automatically when the Arm moves 20 degrees, and Buzzer Sound also stops.

Speed of Throughput : 1 person per 2-3 seconds (subject to response of the Pedestrian)

Barrier Arms :

Arm Length : 16 Inches
Lane Width : 28 Inches as per International Specifications (Can be Increased or Decreased as per your                     requirement.)
Turnstile Height : 48 Inches
Turnstile Width : 40 Inches
Turnstile Length : 40 Inches

Note : The Above Specifications may change for betterment.
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