Fourth Dimension Ticket Validation is proven park solution that seamlessly combines Fourth dimension intelligent admission control products and any ticketing system, into a state of the art facility admission system. Our Ticket validation is used in hundreds of facilities and has validated nearly 10 billion tickets.

Our installations include high profile theme parks, Stadiums, Zoo Parks, water parks, rope ways, museums, Caves, Wild life sanctuaries , Boat Houses, Temples, Snow parks, water worlds, Arenas, Monuments, Tourism places, amusement Parks , Laser shows, Wet and dry parks, Venues, events, venues etc.,


As patrons enter the facility, our system provides real time , online validation of tickets, Season passes, staff cards, credentials, Online and print at home tickets (Optional).The system provides immediate validation information and stores the time and location of each scan. Information is immediately available to the supervisors using portable terminals, through LAN Network or later, via our extensive reports.


RFID tags, Smart cards, Barcode tickets etc., can be used as tickets. Barcode tickets are the cheapest of all. These tickets can be encrypted and cannot be duplicated for unauthorized ticket issuing.

The Entire TICKET/PARK admission system is comprised of four components.

1. Fourth Dimension ticket validation system
is a server based software application (can be used with simple Desktops) that communicates with the entry equipment and the facility ticketing system.

2. Scanners or Ticket readers can be any standard readers /scanners available in the market. This submits the ticket code to the validation system
  3. Fourth Dimension intelligent Admission equipment consists of Turnstile gates (Half Height or Full height), Tripod or waist height turnstile gates that seamlessly operate with Ticket validation system software. Fourth Dimension products are well engineered, robust and attractive can be matched with your facility aesthetics.

4. Integration with the Ticket provider (Smart cards, RFID Tags/card, BARCODE tags/cards, etc.,) is accomplished through our proven Admission interface that has been implemented at hundreds of facilities throughout India and abroad.

Also the barcode Tickets can be preprinted or can be printed at your POS terminals with our ticket printing software (FDS Ticket Printing Software).

Disposable ticketing System (DTS) Software

This is used for parks using Barcode tickets (Preprinted or printed at their POS counters.) The software iscustom made to suit client’s requirements. Attendance system software is very much different from park admission software.


Park admission is a gate admission system designed for general admission into venues with family, group, donor, visitor or member admission requirements. The system consists of advanced scanning/admission equipment devicews and a powerful SQL based software program that interface with the facility ticketing system. Park admission provides gate control, supports quick and efficient facility/park entry and provides entry information generating various types of reports required for the management.

Park admission is ideal for general admission venues/parks seeking to optimize front gate operations, improve revenue control and enhance the guest experience.

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