Protecting Assets and Controlling Flow of Pedestrians.

Half Height Turnstiles

Half Height turnstiles from FOURTH DIMENSION Secure sensitive and restricted areas and provide entry control for all kinds of applications.

TURNSTILES provide what a gate or door cannot: provide directional control of each passage and limit access to one person per activation.

A TURNSTILE do not sleep, take breaks, play favorite or require pay check, it simply provides secure, unmanned point of entry that significantly increases facility security.

  Perimeter control/Fence line security
  Time and attendance integration
  Loss Prevention
  Employee and Visitor Access Control
  Unmanned point of entry
  Single direction traffic control/ One way exiting

  Fourth dimension provides Single and Dual lane turnstile gates with bi    directional and unidirectional public flow.

  Our turnstiles combine flexibility and reliably rugged with fully detachable    parts with bolts and fasteners.

  Clear side panel helps visual sight lines.

  Available with three or four wings

  Three-wing/Four-wing turnstile gate provides security for sensitive areas    where piggybacking and material moval are seriousconcerns.These turnstile    gate provides access control to unsupervised installations

  These completely tamper resistant turnstiles can be used as standalone    units or they can be part of an integrated system.

  Rugged construction ensures trouble-free performance and durability

  Heavy duty mechanism can be mechanical with fail proof self-centering    Mechanism.

  Turnstiles could be operated mechanically for exit operations and for entry    access control systems, which mean they can be free or locked in opposite    ways or can be controlled in both the ways.

  Available in any combination of fail-lock or fail-safe all electrical versions: all    fail-lock applications automatically include Battery backup to allow manual    override in an emergency.

  Fabricated from hot-dipped galvanized steel (THT-100C, EC) or high carbon    steel, powder coated steel (THT-100CP, ECP), 304 grade stainless steel    arms orcomplete stainless steel of 304 grade.

  In case of three wing turnstiles, three rotor sections for 120-degrees of    passage space and in the case of four wing turnstiles four rotor sectionsfor 90    –degrees of passage.

  Positive action lock is provided to prevent multiple people’s access or exit

  Anti-pass back mechanism to prevent reverse rotation after 2o degrees of    barrier movement.

  Bottom thrust bearing is dust and moisture proof

  Open construction shield minimizes claustrophobic effect and increases    visual security

  Low voltage 24 VDC operating system requires normally open, momentary,    dry contact to release turnstile gate

  Ingress protection shall be of at least IP54/NEM3, is rugged and industrial    type.

  Direction of entry: Bi-directional / Unidirectional (Controlled and free rotation).

  A Self-centered mechanism with compressed spring damping to ensure    complete rotation of the tripod head to reset position.

  Can integrate with any type of card reader access or biometric system with    attendance or pay roll system.

Why Fourth Dimension?

Fourth dimension electronic Systems Pvt. Limited is leading manufacturer of full height turnstiles. Since it is found in 1996 Fourth dimension equipment has installed in hundreds of locations throughout the world.

Our superior quality product quality, integration expertise and industry leading service and support are just a few reasons that many respected companies use our products again and again.


CONTROLLING ACCESS Who you want and where you want.

Best Suitable for Industries, R&D Plants, Power Stations, Chemical Plants, Process Industries, Export Zones, Dock yards, office buildings, railway stations, Amusement parks, Hotel kitchens, Departmental stores, Airports, Parliament, Assembly Houses, Atomic Stations, Banks, Server Rooms etc.,

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