The aesthetically pleasing design makes our products perfect for the corporate office environment, manufacturing facilities, and financial institutions, as well as hospitals and other health-care applications. We have the answers for your pedestrian and employee control needs.

Exit and/or entry rotation is allowed by signal from Card Reader, Biometric Reader, Remote Control, Push-button, Control panel, etc. Turnstile is fitted with electromagnetic locking arrangement with induction technology.

Fourth Dimension turnstile series is designed to provide quick entrance to authorized employees and visitors, while    maintaining aesthetics of the surrounding. We offer waist height turnstile models for reception, areas and full height full    security turnstiles for unsupervised installations and highly secured areas

• Both waist height and full height turnstiles are available in MS body with powder coating of your choiceand SS 304 grade    with brushed finish

• Modular design offers several options to be incorporated according to client’srequirement, such as mechanical,    electromechanical, Unidirectional, Bi-directional, single lane or double lane, fail safe or fail lock.


Design & Construction

  Designed for secure operation with aesthetics in mind.Construction is very flexible for dismantling and re-locating the turnstile installation, Featuring fully fitted components with bolts and fasteners. Minimal exposed hardware withheavy gauge materials.

Main Frame :
Sturdy, fully welded construction manufactured from low carbon steel heavy channels, flats and square hollow sections. The hollow sections provide ideal conducting power and control cables.

Mechanism : Self-centering control head with adjustable Spring Load, with hardened steel locking Blocks, Ratchet and Lock Pin assemblies. Maintenance free mechanism, because of very minimal moving parts. Lubrication not required. Locking mechanism designed with induction technology. All units are available in clockwise, counter-clockwise or bi-directional

Turnstile rotating arms :
Square solid center column with end shafts locate in sealed bearing blocks with stainless steel tubes fitted welded on 30 diameter tube gate arms.

Barrier in forbidden Direction : 30 diameter tubing fitted with protective end cups on all turnstiles; 30 diameter tubing machined from 304 grade stainless steel with mirror finish (Optional)

Unidirectional or Bidirectional : Unidirectional turnstiles are used at only entry or only exit points. Whereas bidirectional turnstile allows both directions, either entry or exit at one time while keeping the other side locked. Also available is free – direction or freewheeling mechanism that allows turnstile/tripod rotate in any direction or in single direction.
Pulse Relay : Allows one rotation per valid card/authentication submitted, regardless of signal length. The sensor mechanism detects the rotation of the barrier arm.

Fail safe or Fail lock : Status of turnstile where there is no power. Fail lock means direction or movement is locked at power failure. Fail safe means freewheeling in anydirection at power failure.

Time out relay : This is optional. Automatically relocks the turnstile in given time say 2 seconds, if a person submits the valid card/authentication and unlocks turnstile but does not go through.

Push button:Allows turnstile to release for one rotation/ entry from reception desk (Optional)

Installation : All units are completely assembled and tested, minimizing installation time.

Building and Site Requirements: Firm leveled concrete screed plinth with a minimum strength of 20Mpa, suitable to accept drill-in M12 x 75mm long anchor bolts.
Our qualified staff can guide you through the design process to help you find the best product to suit your pedestrian control needs, while paying close attention to potential building code and fire code obstacles.

Note:we design, develop, integrate and manufacture turnstile system, electronics and software as per your specific entrance control needs, while paying close attention to potential building code, fire code and existing attendance/payroll system or CCTV system.


CONTROLLING ACCESS – Who you want and where you want.

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