Our Automatic Barriers offer efficient security at the exit and the entry points of Factories, Office Complexes, Condominiums, Parking lots, Toll tax plazas or any road-way entry where medium to heavy traffic is expected. Sliding Automatic Gates or Sliding Boom Barriers are additional product designs to empower your Security applications.

  Our Barriers are designed for heavy-duty operation with sleek and modern    looks.Octagonal boom profile offers better visibility and aesthetics from    different angles.

 • An inbuilt anti-crush safety device suspends the motion of the boom, should it    meet any obstruction. Optional beam sensor Boom Barrier provides further    protection to vehicles.

 • Dual speed and electronic braking of the barrier optimize time and    maximize safety. These unique features ensure quick opening and    closing of    the boomwith soft Duration of fast and slow speeds is    programmed at the    time of installation according to the length of    the boom and the frequency of    traffic expected.

 • Entire system is powered by 24 Volt DC to avoid electrocution and    to    integrate barrier with other peripheral safety devices such as    Access Control    System optical beam sensor etc. for greater    flexibility and added safety.

 • Customized release key enabling the barrier to be moved by hand    in case    of a power cut.

 • Built-in equipment, including both opening and closing decelerations.

 • The Vehicle/Boom barrier can be used to control entrances up to 4 meters, 6    meters and 8 meters. Barrier is designed & constructed entirely in compliance    with current safety standards, and with IP 54protecting rating.

 • The Boom Barrier is activated either by a single touch push button or Remote    Control Gate Button. However its Electronic Control Panel is designed to   accept signals from various Optional Controls Barrier inputs and Safety    Accessories such as Beam Sensor, Smart Card Reader and Loop Detectors    etc.

versatile automation

The possibility of installing keypads or key switches, photocells and safety flashers directly on the cabinet of the barrier simplifies the installation and reduces the cost of the system, as well as accepting inputs from any access control system: radio transmitter, card reader, telephone entry or safety device loops or photocells.
Main safety features

The electronic control panel, with its adjustment system, allows :

 • The adjustment of the speed;
 • The adjustment of the approach speed;
 • The detection of an obstacle thanks to the inherent obstacle detection device system,that provides for the immediate     reversal or stop of the movement
 • Scope of supply: Barrier unit With Logic Control Panel, Aluminum boom, safety photocell,
 • Optional: Fixed support, Flashing light, Remote control
 • Installation: Unit comes with mounting plate in galvanized steel complete with four anchor bolts for anchoring the Guard     unit to the pavement

Dimension :

Control unit : 1230 X 865 X 580 MM (For 4 Meters Version)
                      1077 x 460 X 240 MM (For 6 Meter version)
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